F.O.T.D. Experience – Michigan Pedaler Blog

F.O.T.D. Experience – Michigan Pedaler

What a great time had by all while riding through Corktown with the Michigan Pedaler! McShane’s Irish Pub hosted our spectacular event; major shout out to the gift certificate you receive when paying for parking, it’s a wonderful way to offset any inconvenience.


2 years in a row makes anything a tradition, right?! Well, car trouble on the way to a bike ride event seems to be my summer tradition. While heading to last year’s event my car started overheating. I left with plenty of time to spare but the tow truck company’s GPS was wayward and caused great confusion. I informed my group that I would not make it due to the circumstances, they encouraged me to leave the car and take a Lyft; glad I listened. We had a ball!!

Fast forward to this year, once again the first bike ride of the summer car issues impede my progress. It was on

my mind the whole time considering what happened last year, so I made sure I left early enough to account for unforeseen issues. 15 minutes from the venue and I blow a tire on the freeway! #YaKillingMeSmalls I safely maneuvered off the freeway and avoided any drama related to speeding traffic and tire changes. There was a short panic but my faith kept me sane, can’t let this ruin my mood. One can never plan for things to go wrong but staying level headed and prepared eases any tension.

I even made it to McShane’s Irish Pub 10 minutes before the ride started. Score 1 for the home team!


1st stop: Nancy Whiskey Pub 2644 Harrison St. Detroit, MI 48216. We had our traditional 1st of the Day drink and toast courtesy of 1st of the Day. Drinks were inexpensive, heavy on the pour, and got the party started fast. We enjoyed the moments by taking pictures and mingling with other patrons; great 1st bar.

2nd stop: L.J’s SweetHeart Bar on Michigan Ave. formerly LJ’s Lounge. Cash only bar with a jukebox and pool table. And, kudos to the $1 jello shots; a tasty surprise.

We chose to pose for 1st of the Day pics in Corktown at the Michigan Central Train Station; one of Detroit’s historic landmarks. For many years it was the primary transportation that sent Detroiters to and from war, on family vacations, and housed over 2000 workers.  Just recently sold to Ford Motor by the Moroun family, Ford Motor Co. plans to develop self-driving cars and employ over 5,000 workers.

The ride finished with a final lap through downtown Detroit blasting tunes from New Edition, Luther Vandross, and Prince. Sharing the moment with on-looking Detroiters as we inspired them to sing and dance with us. What an amazing start to our FOTD Summer Events.

Mark your calendars now for our next bike ride Thursday, June 27th @6pm.


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