F.O.T.D. GAME NIGHT @ Starters Bar & Grill

F.O.T.D. GAME NIGHT @ Starters East

1st event of the year started off with a bang! F.O.T.D. Game Night brought out some familiar faces and we truly appreciate their continued support. We also added some new members to the F.O.T.D. Family, giving us additional opportunities to create memorable experiences while introducing the toast, the brand, and increasing our family. 

The Doo Doo Game was the best choice for an icebreaker; allowing folks to immediately let their guard down and get ready for a fun-filled night. Hopefully, you can make it to one of our Game Nights to learn more about the Doo Doo Game.

Mid point through the night we were able to create a moment of celebration for the gathering. Owner, Johnie Drake III, spoke eloquently about the significance of spreading the message of 1st of the Day. With the use of our very own 1st of the Day Solo Style Cups, “1st of the Day, Ain’t had 1 all Day” rang loud through Starters. Visit our Facebook page to watch a video of the moment. With the help of you, our F.O.T.D. Family, this toast will penetrate to the masses. Be sure to visit our shop for all 1st of the Day products. https://1st-oftheday.com/shop-all-products/

The word of the night. Not “Lit”, “Throwed”, or “Slurred” as the older slang term meaning intoxicated. It came to no surprise that drinks would be flowing…of course, our brand promotes the celebration of every moment with a toast. It’s not the same when toasting with non-alcoholic beverages but we do not discriminate! As the night continued, even Johnie was caught in a Distorted moment…dropping the Game cards and knocking over several drinks. His clumsiness was a direct act of giving a misleading or false account; hence Distorted.

Game of the Night
Black Card Revoked the second edition, a fun and nostalgia-filled game celebrating American black popular culture, had us running the gamut of topics from church to hair to music. Questions ranged from, “Who has the better biscuits,” to “After you stop and drop, what should you do next?” Their were many perspectives but majority ruled and I can recall a few folks losing their Black Card. Black Card Revoked is a staple in our game nights; definitely set to make an appearance at future events.

To sum it up, F.O.T.D. Game Night was a success. Lots of entertainment, laughter, toasting, and F.O.T.D.’s. We express our gratitude for the continued hard work of Sunni Jones from Conversations Media Group. Moreover, we thank Ali Saad and Starters Bar and Grille for the space and bottle. Leave a comment, share post, or simply tell a friend about us. Lastly, please sign up for our newsletter to enjoy special offers, event reminders, and up-to-date product information.

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