FOTD Happy Hour @ Cutters Bar & Grill

FIRST 1st of the Day Happy Hour

There’s no place like the bar on a Friday afternoon!!! The inaugural 1st of the Day Happy Hour took place Friday, May 12, 2017. This was our first event heading into the summer for a (long) bar tour. It was fun, entertaining, and successful.

Thanks to everyone who showed up and showed out to Cutters Bar & Grill located in the famous Eastern Market. Our gracious host provided happy hour drinks that had our attendees asking, “Is this really on the happy hour menu?” Most of all, the mixed drinks were on point and the food, as one of our attendees exclaimed was, “Succulent and delicious.”

Even better was to see the surprise on all the faces when we premiered the black solo style cup! Not only did they love the design but the quality of the cup had people pouring drinks from the bar into their new FOTD (First Of The Day) cup. As a result, it was almost mandatory to have your FOTD in an official 1st of the Day cup. Customers can purchase this product at 1st of the Day (Aint Had 1 all Day) Black Solo Cup Style

Most noteworthy was after the purchase of a 1st of the Day item, supporters were treated to their first drink from the Happy Hour menu by us. Furthermore, patrons posed for photos with friends and the owner showcasing their newly acquired glassware, solo cup, or t-shirt. We would like to thank Christophe Kyle over at Hashtag Props for supplying us with #1stoftheday, #Ainthad1allday, and #FOTDROLLCALL props sweetening the FOTD experience.

To see family and friends walk through the door with 1st of the Day apparel on brought nothing but joy to my heart. This has been a great undertaking that has definitely required the support of friends and family. Throughout the hours, “1ST OF THE DAAAAAY” could be heard yelled from anywhere in the bar. It was the call of the day; the saying was turned into the topic of the bar. Who is 1st of the Day? What is 1st of the Day? How can we be a part of it? The excitement of a new slogan that caters to bar folks unquestionably increased our visibility.

When it comes to explaining 1st of the Day, people get a crash course and it doesn’t take long for them to get the concept. Minutes later they too are toasting to their 1st of the Day and celebrating the moment. This is our goal with the brand. It’s not about what is in the cup, it’s about what it represents. The “1st of the Day” toast embodies celebration, fun, and enjoying the moment for any occasion. Therefore, be present at our next FOTD Happy Hour so you can raise your glass in honor of your First of the Day.

We truly appreciate all who took the time to have a 1st of the Day with us. We look forward to seeing you at our next event. Be sure to leave your suggestion for an FOTD Happy Hour in our comments section.

Special shout out to Conversations Media Group for all their hard work and support.



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One thought on “FOTD Happy Hour @ Cutters Bar & Grill

  1. The 1st of the Day Happy Hour at Cutters was definitely fun and exciting. I absolutely loved it when people raised their glasses to shout “1st of the Day, Ain’t Had One All Day” because it brought so much energy to the atmosphere!!! The new black & white solo cups blew me away (great quality, very clever)!! All of the products caught my eye especially the Tigers colored t-shirts!! The food was also good (steak bites are my favorite)!! If you haven’t done so already show support to 1st of the Day!! Shout out to Johnie Drake!!! I am looking forward to the next FOTD Happy Hour!!!

    1st of the Day!!!

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