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 1st of the Day, LLC

“1st of the Day,” has been my  families traditional toast since I could remember. It was introduced by my uncle who coined the phrase from Jack Nicholson who saluted his first of the day in a movie called Easy Rider. I would witness my uncle tapping glasses at various birthday, backyard, or basement parties saying, “1st of the Day” or engaging people without a cup asking where is your 1st of the day? He kept the theme at each occasion, inspiring everyone to celebrate the moment; even us kids would say it and bump our (quarter juices). The toast grew amongst family and friends and became an adage for every celebration. Why not share this tradition with the world?
As I got older I realized what my uncle was doing, creating memories and moments. We get so consumed with life, we tend to lose sight of the importance of settling in the moment. Rebuttals from people saying, “that’s not your 1st,” or “this my 3rd of the day,” offers the perfect opportunity to remind them to recognize the moment; let us celebrate this moment like it is the 1st.
Trademarked in 2015, “1st of the Day®,” was established to inspire families, friends, and neighbors to create, celebrate, and cherish the moment. With your 1st of the Day® branded item, showcase and acknowledge that moment in time. And if anyone has anything to say about that not being your 1st…just tell them, “Ain’t had 1 all day.”
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Johnie I. Drake III – Founder

Johnie I. Drake, III, was born and raised in Detroit, MI, and is an esteemed alumnus of Cass Technical High School. He graduated high school in 2001 with a degree in Business Administration and earned a track & field scholarship to Central Michigan University. Johnie furthered his academics and athletics at Central Michigan University, earning his B.S.B.A. in Business Management and became one of the fastest men on the planet.

While competing as a Chippewa, he ran the fastest 60m time in the World in 2006. Johnie has since competed on the professional level, coached various teams, and now runs his own personal coaching business. In 2015, he received his Masters degree in Coaching & Athletic administration from Concordia University Irvine.

“I sacrificed years of missing priceless moments with family and friends in pursuit of my dreams. My running days are over, succeeded with an induction into the Central Michigan Marcy Weston Hall of Fame; I can now enjoy and celebrate more moments with my family and friends with an F.O.T.D.! ”