The Shay OMyGod Experience-Recap

Shay OmyGod Experience

This past week we celebrated, our good friend and team member, Shay OmyGod’s graduation from Spec’s Howard and new career endeavors.

The scene was set at Sweet Soul Bistro, a marvelous restaurant that provides live entertainment, a twist on soul food, and a great atmosphere. There we met Toya Green and Jeff Haugabook; owner and manager respectively. Both were enthused about our business and found interest in our glassware. Be on the lookout for possible events and business opportunities in the near future.

1st of the Day supplied the cups for the 1st 25 people. We offered our NEW Red Solo Cups as the to
ken gift; taking note of Shay’s red & black theme. And, with summer quickly approaching, we knew a 1st of the Day Red Solo Cup would grab the people’s attention. We were right; they were a hit!

Shay was gracious enough to introduce everyone to 1st of the Day, allowing me an opportunity to give the patrons more insight on the brand. The concept was well received and we made sure to raise our drinks and toast to our 1st of the Day. But, the highlight of the night was when Shay unveiled her Banner which announced her new management team and radio show.

Kudos to Shay! We are excited to support her journey towards success and look forward to many wonderful occasions to affiliate with you again.

A special shout out to Conversations Media Group for their continued hard work and attentiveness to 1st of the Day.


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