What is “1st of the Day?”

What is “1st of the Day?”

“1st of the Day”  was once just a raising of a glass with others drinking to health & honor as a toast is defined. Taking it to a new level, it is now a lifestyle! A lifestyle that adds fun, entertainment and celebration to all occasions. Events such as birthdays and holidays, marriage or divorce, or even a new job, toasting to your first drink of the day is the way to commemorate the moment.
 1st of the Day/Aint had 1 all Day 1.5 oz Blue & Orange Frosted Shot Glass
1st of the Day apparel and barware serves as the memento for all occasions. Without our officially trademarked products, you are missing out on the excitement and perception it carries. Sporting a 1st of the Day t-shirt or hoodie to your next social event promotes a time for celebration.
The barware, which includes, shot, wine, and beer glasses are great enhancers to get any party started.


When its not your first drink of the day what do you do? You just add our tagline “Ain’t had one all day” to remind folks it’s just your first of the day! For that moment in time, that is your first drink of the day. It is at that moment when laughter and celebration is at its height; at this time the purpose of the celebration can be defined or treated as a “teaching opportunity.” Not everyone knows the meaning of “1st of the day.” So paired with the apparel and barware, “1st of the day” can be discussed, explained, and celebrated. It is at that moment when what means the most to you matters! A friendly reminder to all that, “IT’S ALWAYS YOUR FIRST!” (NO COUNTING ALLOWED!)
1st of the Day’s mission is to share the fun-loving spirit captured in the toast; to provide products that express more than just a slogan but a celebratory lifestyle.
So we are here to celebrate with you all your life’s FIRSTS!



FOTD ROLL CALL An FOTD ROLL CALL is a call to action! We invite you to use our social media pages Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to post pictures or videos of you saluting your First of the Day (FOTD). Use hashtags #1stoftheday #Firstoftheday #FOTD...

12 thoughts on “What is “1st of the Day?”

  1. 1st of the Day is a culture. Its a mindset. Its a way of adding spice to activities that can get dull and repetitive over time. I have tons of 1st of the Day merchandise from glassware to sweaters and t-shirts. Everybody raise your glasses and scream “1st of the Day!”…Aint Had One All Day!

    1. This is very very positive!!! I love “FOTD”it can be use for any positive situation. You can’t go wrong for having these for glassware And clothing..

      Thank you thank you 1st-of the day

    1. Lets make a toast! Thank you for wonderful comments. 1st of the Day will continue to add new glassware and apparel so be sure to check back with us often.

  2. #1st of the Day has brought a lot great memories to me and my family. I find the concept to be creative and very interesting. So with that being said, I’m off to enjoy my #1stoftheday right now. Lol!

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