What makes you pour an FOTD?

What makes you pour an FOTD?

“Reasons, the reasons that we’re here!” LOL! I apologize, I was having a moment. Lets celebrate my Earth, Wind, and Fire moment…”1st of the Day!!!!” May the people say, “Ain’t had 1 all Day.” Welcome to my blog post about pouring an FOTD and the reason for the occasion. There may be any reason to indulge in a nightcap or celebrate a moment with your spirit of choice. Should you feel encouraged to add your contribution to the question of the day, “What makes you pour an FOTD,” feel free to comment at the bottom of this post. In addition, I would love to hear from you.

Everyday creates a motive behind the pouring of an FOTD. Help us understand your motivation. Indulging in your spirit of choice has so many meanings. Some days you can explain it and others days it’s just because. Whatever the reason may be, share with me. Therefore, I look forward to hearing your FOTD Motivation.

What makes me pour an FOTD?

Different situations and occasions require the correct spirit of choice including the glass or cup it is being poured in. When I pour champagne, it indicates that I am celebrating something. A bottle of champagne with our 1st of the Day champagne flutes enhance the occasion from just an ordinary one, to a LITUATION (lit situation). Furthermore, ordering a bottle of champagne from the bar or club gives you the opportunity to showcase your celebration and include the entire club. How!? For the simple fact the waitress/bottle model brings my champagne to me with sparklers lighting up the place. It has to be the best way possible to boost a person’s ego amongst a room full of patrons.

In conclusion, other situations or occasions include hanging with the fellas at the bar, tailgating, wine tasting, wedding, or the most common reason, a long day at work. Your choice to indulge in an FOTD is your choice and I am not here to judge.  My purpose for this post is to grow the 1st of the Day community and celebrate the moment with you. #1stoftheday #ainthad1allday #firstoftheday #FOTD #FOTDROLLCALL



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9 thoughts on “What makes you pour an FOTD?

  1. Good morning Mr. 1st of the Day,

    My FOTD motivation consists of celebrating any occasion with family and friends whether it’s a bday or an emergency !! I enjoy seeing everyone have a great time while raising our glasses yelling 1st of the Day!! Best feeling ever!!

    1. Hello RD,

      Thank you for your response. We appreciate all the continued support of our brand. Having an FOTD with friends and family is what we love most. Enjoy those moments and cherish each second.

    1. Hello JP,

      LOL!! Very understandable! We thank you for your comment. Please continue to support our brand as we push to expand and become global. #1stoftheday

  2. My FOTD is to celebrate the winding down of the day and gratitude I have something to pour in my special FOTD cup.

    1. Hello Gayle,

      Thank you for your comment. We must all remember to recognize and be grateful for the things we have, especially FOTD.

  3. My FOTD is that great first taste and swallow of cold beer or chilled shot when the weekend begin! After I take my first sip, I look at my FORD cup and smile! LOL! Thinking….”it’s go be a good weekend”

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