About Us

 1st of the Day, LLC

“1st of the Day®,” is a call to celebrate, toast, or salute your 1st drink of the Day. We are THE NEW TOAST! So instead of proclaiming “cheers,” toast “1st of the Day®.” Combine “Aint had one all day” to complete the toast in celebration of that moment.
Our mission is to share the fun loving spirit captured in a toast, to provide products that express more than a slogan but a celebratory lifestyle. “1st of the Day®,” adds fun, entertainment, and celebration to all occasions. We aim to bring friends, families, and neighbors together to create, celebrate, and cherish every moment . Join the FOTD FAMILY TODAY!
1st of  the Day® products serve as a memento for any occasion. Our quality, dishwasher safe glassware includes wine, champagne, and shot glasses as well as beer mugs. FOTD Solo Style Cups are durable, reusable, and includes a spill proof lid; in addition, it is our best seller! Coupled with FOTD apparel…create, cherish, and share the celebration of every moment.



Johnie I. Drake III – Founder

Johnie I. Drake, III, was born and raised in Detroit, MI, and is an esteemed alumnus of Cass Technical High School. He graduated high school in 2001 with a degree in Business Administration and earned a track & field scholarship to Central Michigan University. Johnie furthered his academics and athletics at Central Michigan University, earning his B.S.B.A. in Business Management and became one of the fastest men on the planet. While competing as a Chippewa, he ran the fastest 60m time in the World in 2006. Johnie has since competed on the professional level, coached various teams, and now runs his own personal coaching business. In 2015, he received his Masters degree in Coaching & Athletic administration from Concordia University Irvine.

The idea to turn the family toast into a business came after years of working and helping others develop their ideas. It dawned on him that he was capable of starting a company, so he took the leap of faith to enter the entrepreneur world. Formed in 2014, officially trademarked in 2015, 1st of the Day, LLC is a one of a kind business with plans to add a new way of toasting.

“1st of the Day, LLC was established to share the fun, joy, and laughter the toast brings to my family with the world. I pride myself on keeping my family and friends together; we celebrate many occasions big or small and always toast to our “1st of the Day!”