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“1st of the Day,” is a toast to celebrate your 1st drink of the day. Whether it’s your 1st drink or not we promote the celebration of every moment.

Our brand adds endless fun, entertainment, and celebration to your drinking experience. We inspire you to create, celebrate, and cherish more moments with family, friends, and neighbors. Join The F.O.T.D. FAMILY TODAY!

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Beyond the Toast

F.O.T.D. GAME NIGHT @ Starters Bar & Grill

1st event of the year started off with a bang! F.O.T.D. Game Night brought out some familiar faces and we truly appreciate their continued support. We also added some new members to the F.O.T.D. Family, giving us additional opportunities to create memorable experiences while introducing the toast, the brand, and increasing our family.


FOTD Family Weekend-Day 1 Vlog

FOTD Family Weekend- Day 1 Vlog Today I wanted to share something really close and dear to me with you ...

What makes you pour an FOTD?

What makes you pour an FOTD? “Reasons, the reasons that we’re here!” LOL! I apologize, I was having a moment. ...

1st of the Day